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Alexander Kokhanovsky

Group at IUP:

Aerosol and cloud remote sensing

Current Position:

Senior scientist

Research Interest:

Aerosol and cloud remote sensing, radiative transfer

Research Career:

1983-2004 Institute of Physics, Minsk, Belarus
2001-present Institute of Environmental Physics, University of Bremen

Additional Information:

Diploma in Theoretical Physics, Belarussian State University, Minsk, Belarus, 1983 PhD in Optics, Institute of Physics, Minsk, Belarus, 1991 Dr. Sci. (habil.) in Physics of Atmosphere and Hydrosphere, Main Geophysical Observatory, St. Petersburg, Russia, 2011 JQSRT and AMT Associate editor Light Scattering Reviews Editor Author of 4 books and 150 papers in remote sensing, light scattering, and radiative transfer

Selected Publications:

Kokhanovsky, A. A., et al., 2010: Benchmark results in vector atmospheric radiative transfer, JQSRT, 111, 1931-1946.

Kokhanovsky, A. A., et al., 2010: The intercomparison of major aerosol retrieval algorithms using simulated intensity and polarization characteristics of reflected light, Atmos. Meas. Techniques, 3, 909-932.

Kokhanovsky, A. A., V. V. Rozanov, 2010: The determination of the dust cloud altitude from a satellite using hyperspectral measurements in the gaseous absorption band, Int. J. Remote Sensing, v.31, 2729-2744.

A. A. Kokhanovsky, W. Von Hoyningen-Huene and J. P. Burrows, 2009: Determination of the cloud fraction in the SCIAMACHY ground scene using MERIS spectral measurements, 30, 6161-6157.

Rozanov, V. V., Kokhanovsky, A. A., 2006: The solution of the vector radiative transfer equation using the discrete ordinates technique: selected applications, Atmos. Res., 79, 241-265.

All Publications:

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