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Nicholas Deutscher

Group at IUP:

Trace gas remote sensing by FTIR spectroscopy

Current Position:

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter

Research Interest:

FTIR spectroscopy Atmospheric greenhouse gas measurements and modeling

Research Career:

2002-2010 - Centre for Atmospheric Chemistry (formerly Atmospheric Chemistry Research Group), University of Wollongong

2010-present - Institute of Environmental Physics, University of Bremen

2010-present - Honorary Fellow, University of Wollongong

Additional Information:

Selected Publications:

Frankenberg, C.; Yoshimura, K.; Warneke, T.; Aben, I.; Butz, A.; Deutscher, N.; Griffith, D.; Hase, F.; Notholt, J.; Schneider, M.; Schrijver, H. & Rockmann, T. Dynamic Processes Governing Lower-Tropospheric HDO/H2O Ratios as Observed from Space and Ground Science, 2009, 325, 1374-1377

Deutscher, N. M.; Griffith, D. W. T.; Bryant, G. W.; Wennberg, P. O.; Toon, G. C.; Washenfelder, R. A.; Keppel-Aleks, G.; Wunch, D.; Yavin, Y.; Allen, N. T.; Blavier, J. .. F.; Jimenez, R.; Daube, B. C.; Bright, A. V.; Matross, D. M.; Wofsy, S. C. & Park, S. Total column CO2 measurements at Darwin, Australia - site description and calibration against in situ aircraft profiles Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 2010, 3, 947-958

Deutscher, N. M.; Griffith, D. W. T.; Paton-Walsh, C. & Borah, R. Train-borne measurements of tropical methane enhancements from ephemeral wetlands in Australia Journal of Geophysical Research-atmospheres, 2010, 115, D15304

Chevallier, F.; Deutscher, N. M.; Conway, T. J.; Ciais, P.; Ciattaglia, L.; Dohe, S.; Froehlich, M.; Gomez-Pelaez, A. J.; Griffith, D.; Hase, F.; Haszpra, L.; Krummel, P.; Kyro, E.; Labuschagne, C.; Langenfelds, R.; Machida, T.; Maignan, F.; Matsueda, H.; Morino, I.; Notholt, J.; Ramonet, M.; Sawa, Y.; Schmidt, M.; Sherlock, V.; Steele, P.; Strong, K.; Sussmann, R.; Wennberg, P.; Wofsy, S.; Worthy, D.; Wunch, D. & Zimnoch, M. Global CO2 fluxes inferred from surface air-sample measurements and from TCCON retrievals of the CO2 total column Geophysical Research Letters, 2011, 38, L24810

Stavrakou, T.; Mueller, J. .. F.; Peeters, J.; Razavi, A.; Clarisse, L.; Clerbaux, C.; Coheur, P. .. F.; Hurtmans, D.; De Maziere, M.; Vigouroux, C.; Deutscher, N. M.; Griffith, D. W. T.; Jones, N. & Paton-Walsh, C. Satellite evidence for a large source of formic acid from boreal and tropical forests Nature Geoscience, 2012, 5, 26-30
All Publications:

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