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  IUP webmail, access to your mailbox from outside the institute
  mailforwarding and vacation message
  Safety at work at the IUP: Presentations, emergency plans, handling of gases, safety data sheets etc.
  Wiki: scientific and technical documentation and more http://iupwiki
  Publications: IUP internal electronic library system
  relevant conferences 2017-2018 [69 KB]
  Online-reservation for a meeting-room
  Online-reservation for the IUP-beamer
  wireless internet (wifi) for guests at the IUP / registration
  accounting forms

  Laufzettel deutsch / englisch
  Travel Organisation

International Travel
  Lunch menue of the Mensa
  Logos: collection of GIF-Logos (IUP, ife, Uni Bremen, SCIAMACHY ...)
  Homepage-update: here you can post new content for our homepage (new publications, press articles, diploma works, job positions etc.).
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We are asking you to support our homepage with updated information and materials, such as:

  • Lecture scripts or other didactic materials. Please send us your materials via e-mail. If you put them online already, please send us the link.
  • Diploma works. If you can offer diploma works in your group, please send us a short description that we can publish on the homepage.
  • Please give us information about vacant positions in your project. We help you to find the best candidates by publishing your job opening on the homepage.
  • If you are organizing workshops or meetings that are of interest to all members of the IUP, please send us information, and we make an advertisement on the homepage.
  • Your papers are very important ! If you have a new, peer-revised publication, we can show the abstract in our "news & papers section", and provide a link to the full pdf version. Best visibility for your article !
  • You have spectacular photographs of your work at vthe IUP ? We would like to put them on the homepage. Please mail the things you would like to see on the IUP homepage to Wolfgang Gurlit:

Thank you ! Your cooperation in keeping our homepage up to date is of great importance for the institute !